Here we will take a look at the software engineer job description, the education requirements for this position, while also  learning more about what this professional does on a daily basis. A software engineer will design and create software programs, applying the principles of computing, in conjunction with mathematics, in order to assess, test and analyze software systems. The responsibilities and role of the engineer are continually changing due to advancements made in the technology in this field, in addition to the ever changing business needs. This can often involve developing and analyzing algorithms, diagrams, models and flow charts that will instruct a computer on what tasks it needs to execute.

The Two Different Types of Software Engineering

There are two different types of software engineering: systems and applications. An applications software engineer will deploy, maintain and create an application that will fulfill different types of tasks for end users. Several types of programming languages will be utilized for this type of  engineering. The systems engineer will work on organizing the maintenance, expansion and construction of a computer system. This can involve setting up a company’s intranet, installing and ordering software and providing IT suggestions and input.

systems administrator

Many employers will prefer to employ individuals that have obtained a degree in computer information systems, software engineering or computer science. Having certification can give an applicant a more competitive edge, providing them with more employment opportunities. Since this technology is constantly evolving, many employees will take continuing education classes, in order to stay up to date with the advancements made in this field. According to statistics, employment in this field is expected to grow at a much faster rate than most career fields.

Where can a Software Engineer find Employment?

Many engineers will work in offices that house computer equipment, forty hours a week or more. Because of the nature of the job, many engineers are able to work from home. Travel can be required for individuals that work for consulting firms, in order to meet with a client. Applications that require knowledge of engineering and science, can necessitate a degree in engineering, physical science, or mathematics. Some engineers might also need to have specialized skills and knowledge that’s directly related to the industry in which they are employed.

Most employers will also prefer to hire engineers that have prior software experience. During their education, a software engineer student will be able to gain experience through internship programs, with local companies. Since technology in this field is always changing, many employers will hire an individual that’s proficient in several computer languages, and is also up to date on the latest developments that are made in this field.

Certification for software engineering can be found through a number of certifying organizations, or various software companies. Having certification can offer individuals significantly more opportunities for employment, considering having certification will demonstrate an engineer’s competency in certain areas.


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