Here we will take a look at the basic computer courses that are offered in a computer studies program and give you a highlight of each core class, while also taking a look at the different types of degree programs that will feature them. These programs can lead to a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in computer science, management information systems or computer studies.  Many majors in this field will offer an interdisciplinary coursework load that will incorporate computer related classes in graphic arts, programming, and networking and information systems.

The Top Core Classes

The fundamentals of relational databases class will provide a student with different theories on relational database designs. The student will have practical opportunities to explore how these databases are created, how they can provide personal and business management solutions and how they function as a whole.

A student will perform hands on work, attend lectures and will gain their practical experience through computer lab work or assignments. A student will explore models of systems, management, structure and capabilities. The topics that are discussed in this core class will also include structured query language.

graphic design programs

The visual basic programming class is required for computer study majors. The program instructor will introduce a student to the practical and theoretical applications of creating an event driven program using the Visual Basic programming language. How to write programs is also emphasized, especially a program that is capable of working with, and interacting with other types of applications.

The applications for computers and the web class will be featured in most computer study major programs. This class will focus on programs that are utilized in presentations and productivity in a business environment. A student will become familiar with using different types of presentation, word processing and spreadsheet software applications, in addition to internet based apps. Some of computer study programs may not require this course.

Popular Courses in Computer Study Programs

The foundations of computer programming class will focus on applied programming and theory and will also take a look at common problem solving issues. This basic procedures for developing solutions, need and how to write a program that’s designed to carry out a specific task, will also be discussed. A student will talk about the factors that will affect the development of a program, issues with testing programs and common troubleshooting methods. This core class will typically feature student projects and lectures.

The web design and maintenance class will concentrate on how to build an effective site and how to implement changes as they are needed.  Students will begin by working on single page and multiple pages websites.

Students will also learn hypertext markup language and different design software programs. The lessons in this class will cover how to use and build tables, cascading style sheets and frames. A student will also be able to explore how to embed videos, sound files and images, in addition to how to use links and text effectively. Hands on experience is also a large part of this program and will require the student to spend a number of hours at home, completing a final project on web design.


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