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Online computer science degree programs are typically offered as blended programs, due to the internship requirements for this field. Blended programs will involve the student attending campus, usually for the core classes for computer science, and taking general education classes online. This allows for the student to have some flexibility in their schedule, by completing their school work when time allows. There are however, some doctoral online computer science programs that are available through distance learning schools. Here we’ll take a look at the degree options available for this career field, in addition to taking a closer look at the online doctoral programs available.

Bachelor’s and Associate’s Degree Programs for Computer Science

When choosing a degree program in computer science, it can be important to know the key differences between the associate degree program and the bachelor’s. The main differences are in coursework and degree requirements, in addition to the long term salary and career advancement possibilities.

The associate’s degree in computer science will take two to three years to complete, while the bachelor’s degree program can take four to five years. This will also mean that the bachelor’s program, which will require significantly more classwork, provides a deeper and more rounded study of this career field. Another difference between these degree programs is the types of jobs and the salary a graduate can anticipate earning. Those students that obtain a bachelor’s degree will be more likely to qualify for a higher paying job than a graduate that has earned the associates degree.

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Many of the associate’s programs will require sixty-five hours of study, with classes that included general education requirements, such as English, science and math. The classes in the core course of study will include subjects such as systems management, calculus, comp architecture, algorithms and database structures.

The four year degree program will require around one hundred and thirty semester hours, depending on the college. The major class and general ed courses for this program will be similar to the associate’s degree program, but will feature additional requirements for the core classes. The additional classes can include such subjects as designing software programs, server programming, human and computer interaction, advanced operating systems and advanced computer languages. This program will also often include an internship portion.

Master’s Degree Program for Computer Science

A graduate degree program in this field will focus on programming, comp technology and applications, which will also include AI, computer language development and engineering. Students can enroll in  programs that are solely online, as blended programs or on-campus.

The main requirement for the majority of these programs will involve completing forty-five credits. A student will need to plan their course curriculum with an advisor, who can also assist them in selecting a specialty area.

The master’s degree program is designed to provide a student with experience in a number of applications of software engineering, so once the student graduates, they’ll be able to keep up with advancements that are made in the field. Some of the core program topics will include computer architecture, computer algorithms and applications.

Many of these programs will require that an applicant have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field such as engineering. A potential student will often be expected to have completed undergraduate work in data structures, programming languages and algorithms. Some of the basic classes will include advanced operating systems, engineering, applied logic in computations, network systems, database systems and AI.

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Graduates from this program will be able to  continue with their education by applying for a doctoral program in computer science or a related field, or they can choose to enter the workforce and qualify for advanced supervisory or management positions. Graduates can also choose to enroll in certificate programs for computer science, which are found through major companies in the computer industry or universities.

Doctoral Programs in Computer Science

Doctoral programs in this field can usually be completed online. These distance learning programs will utilize web technology such as message boards, video conferencing, live chat and email. These programs are used in order to deliver assignments, interact with fellow classmates and meet with program instructors.

A student that’s pursing a doctoral degree in this field will usually have obtained a relevant graduate or undergraduate degree. Many students can also have a background in math or computer science, in addition to field experience. A student will generally pursue this degree in order to further their career in this field or to begin focusing on an academic career in computer science. A graduate from this program will have the skills necessary to develop software program improvement plans, evaluate security systems and predict trends in the industry, based on up to date information. Some of the common classes will include AI, engineering, algorithms, data mining, machine learning and integrated systems.

The knowledge gained and the skills learned from this program will give a graduate a competitive edge in this field. Some possible positions the grad will qualify for will include such titles as systems analyst, systems administrator and applications engineer.

The job outlook for this career field is expected to grow by more than thirty percent in the next three years, according to statistics.

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